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Genuine VS Lab-Created

A genuine gemstone is one that is found and has undergone treatment to help improve the cut or appearance. A simulated stone is generally what people consider a fake stone. 

The Most Expensive Jewelry at This Year's Oscars

Celebs were showing off some of the most expensive and luxurious jewelry accessories one can ask for at this year’s Oscars. Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson and Zazie Beetz were just some a-list celebs decked out in million dollar jewels.

2020 Jewelry Trends

Layering jewelry isn’t a new concept, but 2020 is seeing a comeback when it comes to layering different types of jewelry.  You can use chains of different lengths and thickness together and the result should be organic and yet cohesive to ensure it looks great.

3 Rustic Trends

For our list were looking beyond the usual pearls, this time around you can bring in some leather or copper tones for a robust look. Kick your basic little black dress up a notch and pair it with a leather cuff by Antonio Marsocci, for a quick and clean rustic look.

Different Types Of Bracelets

Bangles along with Cuffs, are worn lower on the wrist. Bangle bracelets are a fantastic addition to any outfit.